Outlook Extractor

Outlook Email Extractor application comes with variety of different additional features which help you to extract what you want.

  • Extract emails found in certain mail folders
  • extract emails with specific keyword in subject or body
  • extract emails from list of specific domain
  • Extract Emails with customized email and message filter

Email Sorter

Email Sorter v1.1

1) Extract Email from (txt or CVS)2) Remove Duplicate Email
3) Verify Email From MX
4) Extract All Emails Separate Txt File
If Gmail Email, then Save in gmail.com txt /
if Office 365 email then save in office .txt file
Like that all extract emails

Price 70$ / 1 User

Demo link :https://streamable.com/dfz52

Email Verifier Latest

Good News:
The most performant email verifiation software
Stop email bouncing and start sending to inbox with our high quality and powerful
email verification and email list cleaning software
It extracts
1-Deliverable Emails
2-Seprate Risky Emails
3-Seprate Undeliverable Emails
4-Seprate Unknow Emails
And Save Them In Seprate Files



Email Extractor Advanced

Get Targeted Emails In Just Few Minutes

Email Extractor is user friendly, lightweight and powerful email extraction software which is a quick and easy to use tool that
allows you to extract email addresses from various sources like local files, websites, search engines, etc.